The Sage

Last night at dinner with friends, Jungian Archetypes was brought up. Coincidentally, the four of us were in the four quadrants and even more so, we were sitting at the table to perfectly fit the diagram below.

As on

It turns out that I am a sage, while my wife is a ruler. Sitting across from me, was the hero in our group (he does work for the police department) and across from my wife sat the everyman.

According to, the goal of the sage is to use analysis and intelligence to understand the world. The fear of the sage is to be conned or to be ignorant of something, while the weakness of the sage is too much investigation of the details and never getting around to acting.

If you read through the different archeotypes, you may find that you are cleary in one category, or possibly span a few. Like me, you may also be able to identify a few you transitioned from in your youth. It also gives you an appreciation of the differences among us.

Featured photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “The Sage

  1. Please tell me you were in the Leave a Mark quadrant.

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