Biking the Beermuda Triangle

The Biermeister for the Greater Topeka Hall of Foamers emailed me with a subject line “Bike the Beermuda.”  He was interested in setting up a bike ride that visits the three breweries in Topeka.  This sparked my interest because of two things:

  • Bike Riding
  • Beer
This email came to me early on a Friday. I’m faculty. I was like… 

So I hit the trail.  Less than 5 miles in, I’m at Happy Bassett brewing wetting my beak with an Irish Red and a juicy Wit. 
Time is a ticking, so I’m off for the longest leg of the ride that will take me across town, past the Capitol Building, over the Kansas River to NOTO (North Topeka for those that aren’t from around here), and to the Norsemen Brewing Company. 
The Odin’s One EyePA was a great calorie booster on this crazy adventure.  After sucking that down, it was back across the bridge, through the detours, and then on the Shunga and Landon Nature Trail for good (so in case of falling over it wouldn’t be in a street).  Almost at the end of the Landon Nature Trail, I had a steep climb to my last brewery visit of the day: Blind Tiger. 
I enjoyed a Henry’s Bitter more quickly than I normally would (hey, there is daylight we’re racing here folks), and got back on the saddle. There was only 7 miles of trail riding until home. 
The trial ride was worth every moment. It was a little over 28 miles of riding for me. Since 3 of those miles were from my house to the triangle and back, I’m advertising the Beermuda Triangle at 25 miles. 
Interested? Bring your bike. You know where I live.
Update on 2017 resolution to ride 2017 miles in 2017: I have 1837 miles to go. 

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