Summing An Infinite Series

Today's post will be divided into two sections, the first of which will be a geometric series lesson geared toward those that consider themselves novices in the mathematical arena followed by an application of that lesson in solving last week's Riddler Classic. The second section is for those of you that are math nerds and … Continue reading Summing An Infinite Series

Generating Primitive Pythagorean Triplets

That is quite a title to unpack. It has been a while sense I've done something mathematical, and this week I found something really, really cool. So, I felt like sharing. First, a little background. Long ago, Pythagoras came up with a cool theorem that says that if you sum the squared sides of a … Continue reading Generating Primitive Pythagorean Triplets

The Magical 1 and 42

I stumbled upon a really cool mathematical anomaly that is easy to understand and can be appreciated by almost anyone. The game begins by starting with any whole number greater than zero. To illustrate, let's choose my birth year of 1977. Now, we will create a sequence from this number in the following way. Add … Continue reading The Magical 1 and 42