Summing An Infinite Series

Today's post will be divided into two sections, the first of which will be a geometric series lesson geared toward those that consider themselves novices in the mathematical arena followed by an application of that lesson in solving last week's Riddler Classic. The second section is for those of you that are math nerds and … Continue reading Summing An Infinite Series

Face-Up Card Puzzle Explained

When I taught a 3-week intensive course for 6th-8th graders called The Beauty of Mathematics several years ago, I used many mathematical card tricks. Some of these mathematical card tricks are quite amazing when embellished for an audience. They were quite fun to perform, instruct how to perform, and then to break down and analyze. … Continue reading Face-Up Card Puzzle Explained

The Price is Right Wheel: How to Spin it Optimally

Price Is Right Wheel has 20 sectorsThe ProblemThis is the 97th Riddle proposed by The Riddler from FiveThirtyEight.The three contestants that win all go head to head at this wheel at a chance to advance to the Showcase Showdown.  The one with the least amount of money goes first (the worst position in this game), … Continue reading The Price is Right Wheel: How to Spin it Optimally