Gambler’s Ruin: A Lesson in Probability

The Riddler Express for Friday, February 23 was a gambler's ruin problem, so I thought I would walk you through the solution and show you how the following problem can be solved. Suppose you have one quarter, and I have two quarters.  Each round, a die is rolled. If a 1, 2, 3, or 4 … Continue reading Gambler’s Ruin: A Lesson in Probability

The Yanghui Triangle, Part I

Many of you know Yanghui's Triangle as Pascal's triangle.  However, about 500 years earlier (according to Wolfram Mathworld), a Chinese mathematician Yanghui studied this triangle. In China, it is referred to as the Yanghui Triangle. How is it produced? In my previous blog post, Counting Can Be Really Tough, I introduced you to combinations.  As a … Continue reading The Yanghui Triangle, Part I