The Secret Power of Writing Stuff Down

Once you have reasoned through a string of thoughts and believe to have a solution to whatever problem you are facing, you would benefit greatly from writing this thought process down. In writing out your process, the number of things of which you did not think will probably shock you. Then, as you reason through … Continue reading The Secret Power of Writing Stuff Down

What’s Next?

Around 14 years ago, I defended my doctoral dissertation and acquired my Ph.D. It was a monumental milestone in my life; something I had been working toward for 10 years. Those kind of achievements are pretty spectacular, and leave you feeling very proud. Surprisingly, the feeling is only temporary. Indeed, people other than myself forgot … Continue reading What’s Next?

A Little Misery Goes a Long Way

What is so scary about leaving a job in search of another? A common theme I've written about often is removing yourself from your comfort zone and taking on some torment and torture now and then. Indeed, here are a few: Choose Your Suffering (09/26/2017)Stepping Away from Your Comfort Zone (05/22/2018)Less Comfort and More Suffering … Continue reading A Little Misery Goes a Long Way