The Chasm Between Theory and Action

I'm a mathematician (actuary by trade) and avid problem solver. I also love jiu jitsu. My recent addiction is chess, and in the process of my deep dive into the world of chess over the last several weeks, a theme reemerged from my early jiu jitsu days: the wide divide between theory and action. When … Continue reading The Chasm Between Theory and Action

Summing An Infinite Series

Today's post will be divided into two sections, the first of which will be a geometric series lesson geared toward those that consider themselves novices in the mathematical arena followed by an application of that lesson in solving last week's Riddler Classic. The second section is for those of you that are math nerds and … Continue reading Summing An Infinite Series

The Solvers of Riddles, Puzzles, and Problems

"What is this," I thought to myself, "another one of those silly internet arithmetic challenges?" At closer inspection, I could see it was more complicated than most of the others, as there were a much larger number of guesses in the comment section. There must be more than meets the eye. The challenge I was … Continue reading The Solvers of Riddles, Puzzles, and Problems

Face-Up Card Puzzle Explained

When I taught a 3-week intensive course for 6th-8th graders called The Beauty of Mathematics several years ago, I used many mathematical card tricks. Some of these mathematical card tricks are quite amazing when embellished for an audience. They were quite fun to perform, instruct how to perform, and then to break down and analyze. … Continue reading Face-Up Card Puzzle Explained