Good Habits Pay Off

We’re all familiar with the idea of how taking small steps toward a goal will eventually pay off, even when the small gains we make are barely noticeable. This is one of the most unfair things in life, as it makes it very difficult to maintain all the good habits and very easy to fall into the bad habit spiral. Since we don’t immediately see the effects of our bad habits, we become trapped in their deadly spiral.

Training jiu jitsu 2-3 times per week is one of the great habits I’ve maintained for the last five years. There have been many times where my jiu jitsu has remained stagnant and seemed not to improve much at all, and other times where I have bursts of significant improvement. What I noticed, is that it correlates well on how well I’m monitoring the bad habits in my life.

When we have a great workout routine (a good habit), we often feel that gives us tickets to spend on all our bad habits (eating crappy, drinking to excess, etc). After only a week of really keeping bad habits in check, I noticed significant improvement in my jiu jitsu. Sometimes it just takes some extra gas in the tank to drill moves with a little more gusto.

I’m standing fourth from the right

Changing the site

I’m slowly going to transform this site into one that follows my jiu jitsu journey as an older individual (I will be 46 in February, and have been training for 5 years), but do so in the context of personal development, philosophy, and growth.

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