The Thought of Death

The emotion of fear is common as we ponder our ever-approaching demise. We will not fear it afterwards, which is a more comforting thought. Almost every day, thoughts of the end make their way into my head. If I’m being constructive, I try and use these thoughts for good: to segue into other thoughts on whether or not I’m spending my limited time wisely. As a result of my strengthened and trained mindset, rarely am I destructive with my thoughts – thinking negatively on “what’s the point to all this?”

There isn’t time to waste sitting on the toilet for too long scrolling through social media correcting somebody’s agitprop meme. I don’t want to avoid death for that.

Reflecting on death has helped me shape my hours, days, and weeks into something more meaningful to me. I’d rather suspend death for as long as I can so I can continuously spend the hours that remain training my mind and body, cultivating relationships, and improving the lives of my fellow humans.

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