Welcome, Adversity!

Without the numerous difficulties and challenges we face in different games and activities, we would lose interest really quick. It is the growth that we perceive in ourselves that keeps us coming back. This is why a lot of people quit during a plateau, as they don’t see as much growth as they once did.

Just as in games and sport, we should welcome adversity into our lives. Instead of cursing our luck at a new obstacle in our path that we really did not want there, look at it as an opportunity to grow and get better at life. After all, we cannot avoid adversity. It isn’t going to leave you alone, so it would be best to prepare for its inevitable arrival.

Even when we’ve plateaued, and have failed a time or two at not getting past a specific difficulty in our lives, we need to keep showing up and facing the challenge. Shutting the door on adversity will only shut the door on your own growth.

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