Let the Flames Roar

How do you deal with adversity or tough times? Are you ready for them? The stoics believe that we should prepare ourselves for bad things to happen. Indeed, premeditacio malorem is one of the tenets, which means we should think about our demise. Bad times are inevitible, so we should be prepared.

In Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations 4.1, he makes the analogy of this preparedness as a roaring fire, while not being prepared is similar to a really small flame (or none at all). When adversity strikes and is thrown on the fire, do you have a roaring fire that can deal with it? Or will it peter your flame out?

There are a lot of us that let challenging times get the best of us. It lets us turn into a depressing blob or just completely drains us of the energy and life that we could have easily have overcome. By keeping flames roaring.

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