On most days I dedicate a small amount of time reflecting on the previous day and preparing my mind for the day in front of me. I am usually writing in my journal during this reflection time about the previous day’s significant events. Sometimes, to force myself into a grateful frame of mind, I will begin a sentence “I am grateful for…” and then fill it in. It is World Gratitude Day today so it is a good day to start thinking about how you can be more grateful day-to-day.

Author and Pinkcast creator Daniel Pink recently gave me an idea for when this grateful frame of mind can be difficult. Perhaps it was a difficult day that brought woe and contentment never showed its desired head. Whether it is a day like this or any other day the method Daniel gives can work. It is an idea of subtraction.

To become grateful for the little things, think about what life would be like without those simple things. Where would you be today without [fill in the blank]. Sometimes it takes subtraction to bring out gratitude.

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