Live Creatively

Today is National Live Creative Day, a great day to review and reassess how you bring creativity into your life and culture your creative side. Originally, I thought this meant that I would have to paint, draw, sculpt, or write poetry, songs, or novels. While all these are great ways to harness your creativity, there are other ways to let your creative side out.

You may find room in many of your other passions to bring out some creativity. As I advance in my guitar playing skills, I’m finding that a style of playing is slowly emerging. Eventually, my own style will present itself.

Jiu jitsu has near infinite growth potential. Here again, I notice several different upper belts with their different styles they have developed over several years. Each individual has a body type, a level of flexibility, and a background that will help them create a path to their own unique style.

Finally, my recent dive into chess has revealed similar avenues toward creativity. After a certain number of moves, players create their own style of playing, using a mixture of the many different tactics and strategies available.

Perhaps you’ve been harnessing your creativity all this time. Maybe creativity is an area that needs filled in your life. Whichever it may be, today is a good day to reflect on that.

Featured photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.

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