Getting Back Up

Last week I had a major setback in one of my long term professional goals. I won’t go into detail, but what I thought was finished and I would be obtaining at the end of August is not finished. I have to redo something, and the total wait time now could be another 6 months.

It was very disheartening and frustrating to learn this. I share a similar philosophy as my wife, who, as you may recall from last week’s post, was pulled from a race she had trained 3 months for. I tried not to dwell long on the bad news, and focused on only what I have to do next to get it done.

As if the world were paying attention to what I needed to see during this time, I witnessed what can happen to an Olympian runner after they take a fall.

Sifan Hassan from the Netherlands took a spill during her 1500m run, got back up, and finished first. It is worth watching a Chevy ad to see it.

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