Relentless Forward Progress

I’m at the 10 mile mark of a half-marathon. “Keep going,” I tell myself. “Relentless. Forward. Progress.”

This is a mantra in the running world, but so applicable to life. Will there be a time when I’ve read and experimented enough with self improvement and growth? Not if I want to continue to improve and grow.

There are many things in life that don’t fall in this category. We only spend a small amount of time and no more on gaining a skill that is needed but does not take continual reassessment and review. I’m happy with my driving ability, for example, and have not done anything beyond my teen years in terms of improving my driving ability besides just doing it.

There should be a few things in your life that do fall in this category. Things that you want to improve upon and get better at. Things that contribute to your well-being.

Sometimes a reminder is necessary that simply enjoying your passions time and time again will not get you any better at them. You need to take time to study them and find out how you can grow into the next level. It will take some time on your part. It will take relentless forward progress.

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