Humor Turns Boring Into Useful

In a story I listened to in the audiobook “Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life”, adults were given a box of tacks and a candle and a challenge to use only these items to mount the candle on the wall in a way in which when lit, the candle would not drip wax on the floor. Both children and adults who had just previously been exposed to something funny enough to make them laugh were more likely to solve the puzzle than the control group of adults who just sat in a boring room beforehand.

Why? Our creative side is more readily available after a bout of humor, and we’re able to untrap our minds from thinking that the box could be more than just a box, and could actually be tacked to the wall and make a decent shelf to solve this challenge.

Are you trying to work out something challenging at the moment? Maybe a brief moment of levity will help. Better yet, how can we build a habit of working several of these moments into our lives each day?

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