Want to Stop Being Followed?

Do you find it kind of creepy after doing a Google search for something you begin to notice related ads pop up in your Facebook feed? My wife recently told me to check out DuckDuckGo. Although that link is for an Android version, I’m pretty sure it exists for iPhone, too.

My laptop and smartphone now both use DuckDuckGo rather than Google for searching and Chrome for browsing with a piece of mind that nobody is watching you or selling your data. Already, I’ve begun to notice the creepy ads are no longer present.

This is beneficial for the pocket book and my sanity. I’m no longer bombarded with things that really tempt me, occasionally pulling the trigger and buying something that I will almost surely regret.

While I’m in recommending mode, she also shared with me the app Radio Garden. When you open it up, you will be able to search the entire globe and zero in on almost any city you can think, and then select any of the radio stations in that city and have a listen.

Want to listen to some news in Munich, Germany? How about some Thai music from Bangkok? Or, maybe you miss your favorite radio station from your home town (or college town). Radio Garden makes it possible.

Featured photo by Ravi Singh on Unsplash

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