No Time for TV

“There’s just not enough time,” says about everyone that ever lived.

What if you had that one more hour in your day? Think about what would change. If tomorrow we suddenly woke up and had 25 hour days with the biological and physical change needed to be able to sustain being awake for 17 hours, what would you do differently?

Would you finally get that necessary run, walk, or outdoor activity in? Would you finally begin that hobby you’ve been wanting to pick up? Would you finally go back to school and enroll in an online class?

Or, would you do what you’ve programmed yourself to do, and watch another hour of TV or spend another hour scrolling mindlessly on your phone so that you can come back to that same excuse… “there just isn’t enough time.”

When do you usually watch TV? Either at the beginning or the end of that time frame, try scheduling a half hour or an hour with something you’ve been itching to do for a long time and haven’t. Make sure it is on your calendar and there is a notification ready to go off and remind you at that time. Make sure to select the recurring option and have it go off two, three, maybe five days a week.

Now don’t renege. Get it done. Then, do the same thing again.

Soon, “there’s not enough time” will take on a whole new meaning. For some of you, it may eventually turn into “I don’t have time for TV.”

Featured photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

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