Truth is Virtuous

If you were to find out that something was untrue, but it would still advance your cause (which no doubt you believe to be a good one), is it virtuous to still spread this untruth? As truthfulness itself is a virtue, the answer to this is simple. It should be a resounding NO.

Yet there are plenty when faced with clear evidence of their lie remain steadfast, and spread the lie anyway. Or worse, using fallacies such as tu quoque, an ad hominem attack, or a strawman argument, will dismiss the clear evidence and wallow proudfully in their ignorant falsehoods.

One needs to avoid seeking out and absorbing all of the articles and stories that confirm your worldview. Instead, you should look to find the truth, even if it conflicts and challenges your view.

Here is a quick example. One day as I was browsing social media, I came upon the following meme, which is false.

I will admit that this meme was consistent with my worldview and it “felt” very true the first time I saw it. I really, really, wanted it to be true. After a quick search on (there are several more reputable fact checking resources besides this one) I found it to be false.

Checking the validity of something is easier than you think. Help make this a better world and do your part.

Featured photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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