The Golden Mean

When imbibing in drink, I sometimes go overboard. While nowhere near as bad as I was in college, it sometimes occurs when I wake up to find out that the last glass of beer, wine, or scotch I had was one (or two) too many. On the flip side (this occurs much less often), I deprive myself of a well deserved drink unnecessarily.

When enjoying pizza, tacos, or chicken wings, I almost always go to an extreme. Nearly every single time I enjoy these foods, I find myself later regretting my gluttony, as I sleep horribly while sweating through the night. We’re now careful when ordering these amazing delicacies. We order them more rarely, and when we do we make sure that once split, we eat a moderate amount.

Moderation or temperance is the most important virtue of the stoics. Aristotle talked about “the Golden Mean” and used courage (one of the other virtues) as an example rather than drinking or eating. With temerity on one side and cowardice on the other, it was the correct amount of courage that is called for… the golden mean.

Through temperance, we can find that golden mean in nearly everything we do.

Featured photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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