Election Day

Today is a big day for the future of the United States of America. Will we have four more years of Trump, or will Americans choose to “Bring Back Better” and vote for Biden. I will not pretend that I can sway your vote today with my left leaning politics. Rather, I will briefly dissect an article I found to be very well written, and share with you some of my favorite political videos. The article is from The Economist and is titled, “Why it has to be Biden.” I encourage you to read it by clicking on the link.

The article opens with a sentiment with which I agree, and that is that a Trump victory would mean an endorsement of division and that Joe Biden is definitely not the “miracle cure for what ails America.” Biden is a far more decent man in my opinion, and like this first video from The Daily Show narrated by Steve Buscemi states, he is “acceptable under the circumstances.”

“Come on, Man!”

Further along are (to my chagrin) some reasons why Trump could very easily have secured a second term had Covid-19 not happened (although he still can secure a second term, it is now far from easy). Even without Covid-19, I believe that Trump “has repeatedly desecrated the values, principles and practices that made America a haven for its own people and a beacon to the world” and agree whole-heartedly that those that can overlook his lies (or, *gasp*, believe them) are being naïve in the level of harm he has caused.

Not only has he demeaned and tried to silence some of America’s world class institutions, he has demeaned women in the process, which the article doesn’t address. However, the Republicans behind the Lincoln project did address it with this video narrated by the former Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.

“Your actions on November 3rd will define who she sees.”

Something I have felt since the campaigning began so long ago, comes out as the article concludes the large section (which could have been volumes larger) of why it cannot be Trump and where it begins to describe why it must be Biden. “The bar to Mr Biden being an improvement is therefore not high. He clears it easily.”

It is disappointing to witness how far the Republican party has descended. If Democrats win in a vast way today, I don’t think Republicans will be worse off. I believe that this would force their hand to climb out of the waste they have become. I fear that if the Republicans maintain control of the senate and do not lose too vastly (or even win), that the bipartisan landscape will become wider.

We’ll see. Until then, I think we can all do with a little Randy Rainbow in our lives.

“Everything in life is riding on this damn election.”

Featured photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

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