Stoics throughout history have consistently referred to four virtues; courage is one of them. There are areas in which I am not brave at all and areas in which I fail the other three virtues. For this reason, I wanted to bring them to the limelight by writing about them. This, I hope, will hold me accountable and encourage me to be more virtuous in the areas where I am not.

Especially during this time leading up to the election on November 3rd, I have difficulty listening to others who have different views than my own. Right now, when someone mentions something that is completely different than how I see things, I clam up and create an awkward silence until that someone realizes and feels the awkwardness so that we can move on. This doesn’t seem to do either one of us any good.

While I think it would be futile and fruitless to simply have the cojones to give my view and “set the record straight”, I sincerely believe that it would be beneficial to have the cojones to do a deep dive into what they are actually trying to say. Asking questions that dive a little deeper into their view in a respectful way with only hints at how I view the world will allow me to both understand the lens they’re looking through while challenging them to really see what lens they are indeed looking through. This will also allow them to consider other legitimate perspectives. Not just the ridiculous ones that memes have seemed to simplify and propagate.

How does courage fit into your philosophy and/or religion? Is it a virtue? In what areas do you find yourself failing to be brave?

Featured photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

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