My Voting Plan

For the months of September, October, and November, the investments department I work for has put on a Let’s Get Moving challenge. This has got me paying close attention to my steps. Most days, I take several walks from my house. One of these paths takes me right by the place where I will vote on November 3rd.

I’m lucky in that I have been able to visualize my plan almost every day, the one difference being that I will get up earlier than normal so that I can be there as it opens. I’ve downloaded the ballot that I will be presented with so that I know my choices. I plan to review those choices this week.

It may seem a little weird to have a plan in place. However, for those of us that are not retired, working, or going to school at the moment, it is tougher than you may think to carve out the time needed. Especially if something unexpected comes up. My plan B is to walk over in the afternoon if something unexpected happens in the morning.

Do you have a plan? Will it be easy to follow through with that plan? Is there a plan B if the unexpected happens?

Featured photo by Jose on Unsplash

One thought on “My Voting Plan

  1. Yes, I do have a plan. Did you see the post I shared from Lisa about ‘not allowing anyone at the precinct to put a mark of any kind on your ballot. It could disqualify your ballot.


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