Painting Outside the Lines

A somewhat short story that I don’t want to get into right now (your imagination can fill in those details) was the cause of a desire to paint some rocks. So there I was, trying to paint an intricate design of Yggdrasil (click on the link for an image and description) on a rock. Much of my experience with artwork has been either coloring or painting within the lines that already form something cool or trying my best to replicate something that is cool. In this particular instance I was in the latter.

However, it was a little too complicated for the size of brush I was using compared to the rock I was painting. I had started with the trunk, began expanding outward to the roots and the main branches when I realized that this was not going to work. Instead of getting frustrated, I took a deep breath, turned off my phone (which had the picture I was trying to paint) and told myself that the idea was in my head and that I should just go with it.

So, like a child without fear of throwing paint onto a surface in any such way, I began to paint outside the lines. The end result, which does resemble the original a little, was mine. I won’t pretend for a second that it was better than the original, because it wasn’t. But it was mine, and I had created it. There is something freeing and somewhat indescribable about letting inspiration guide you and painting outside the lines.

Featured photo by Amit Gaur on Unsplash

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