The Get-Away Space

When writers are on a deadline and must produce, they generally need to get away and shut themselves in somewhere in which there are no distractions. They seek a place where the mind can relax and think clearly; a place where they are happy and content to do the pressing work in front of them.

We’re not all writers. Like these writers, however, you have probably found yourself in need of getting something finished. For many of us, whatever task that needs completed usually requires us to be in our homes, and not in some far off get-away space. This idea has me thinking about how we could perhaps rethink our spaces.

Wouldn’t the reverse of theses space ideas make a little more sense? Can we organize our usual living space (our apartments, condos, homes, etc.) into one in which there are little to no distractions? Shouldn’t the distractions be included in the spaces to which we flee for a mental and physical break? Given a chance to redesign your usual living space, a decluttering of distractions may be what you need in order to produce a whole lot more.

Featured photo by Andreea Chidu on Unsplash

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