For Those of Whom We Build Statues

No-one ever built a statue of a critic.

David Nicholls

While I am not one who desires to be someone who people will want to erect a statue, I cannot say that I don’t pursue to be someone like that. As a stoic, I understand that even statues will crumble, fall, and eventually be forgotten. Yet this should not hinder the pursuit of greatness.

There will be the critics and trolls with negative comments. Even those close to you may offer what seems like a caring remark that, upon a deeper inspection, is resistance to your ultimate goals. As @behaviorhack pointed out in their recent Instagram post: “They don’t build statues of critics.”

To create and build meaning within your life, and to give yourself something to pursue, takes courage. By doing so, you will bring on the naysayers and the critics. We should put the fear of this negative talk at bay and begin going after our passions stat. Regardless of whether a statue will be built to honor that journey or not, you can be damned sure that the statue won’t be made of those that bad-mouthed you in attempt to get you to quit.

Featured photo by Sophie The Laya Yogis on Unsplash

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