Invest Less In Stuff And More In Experience

What would you rather have? A new, state of the art surround sound entertainment center, or a trip anywhere in the world?

When you think about questions like these, do you tend to think of short term rewards and gratification, or long term? Which will provide experience, growth, and a much better outlook on the world as a whole?

I just got back from a week long trip to northern Thailand last night, and during the 30 plus hours of traveling to get home there was a lot of time to reflect on this once in a lifetime experience.

Although there is a literal cost to the trip we just went on, now that the trip is over it is hard to put a price tag on the experience. I don’t think I would cash that in for any material good right now. To have had that experience is priceless.

Investing more in yourself means investing less in material goods. It means putting money aside to book a trip. Even if that trip is to Denver or Portland.

Don’t do it just to escape, however. Do it because you are a global citizen.

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