Never-Ending Constant Battle

On Friday morning last week, I got up a little early with the intentions of going for a short run around the block. I went to the bathroom, and took my morning pills washing them down with plenty of water.

I had set up everything the night before to remove all the friction I could. My shoes and socks were right there by the bed, along with my running shorts and shirt. All I had to do was put them on and go out the door.

But I wasn’t feeling it. I told myself, to just put the clothes on and at least go around the block. I could do that and still have time to snooze afterwards if I needed it. As I walked out of the bathroom, a voice very much like my own entered my head and said that it would be just fine to get back in bed and go to sleep for another hour.

It is a voice that will never go away. If you’re religious, you might call it satan, a demon, or an evil spirit trying to defeat you. For those of us who are not, I offer what Stephen Pressfield calls the Resistence. Whatever you may want to label it, it is something to be defeated.

Like Sisyphus, even if we happen to defeat it today, it will be back again tomorrow and the next day. We must suffer a never ending constant battle with the resistence.

As soon as the thought of an extra hour of sleep entered my mind, I knew what I was up against. I told it to shut the f*** up, because not going outside for some sort of run was not an option. I put on the shoes and got myself outside.

As you could probably guess, once outside I was able to talk myself into going around the park (1 mile) instead of just around the block (<0.5 mile). And once I was half way around the park, I defeated the resistence again and cut over to the next park to run around it as well (totaling 2 miles).

Only 2 miles? So what?

It wasn’t about the distance. It isn’t about training for anything big. For me, it was just about defeating the resistence that morning. It was about showing up and making a point.