What's the Point?

We face this question often, and it usually comes from ourselves. Things just are not going as you had hoped they would. Progress is not coming. So what’s the point in trying, you ask yourself.

We’re all going to die someday anyway. We’re still not going to get all the weight we want off. Very few people are caring or noticing anyway. It’s not like you’re going to make it big time.

These are the answers we give ourselves. These answers are dangerous as they can trap us in a spiral of melancholy and even depression. This spiral is a difficult one to navigate and escape from once trapped inside. We know it is best not to get trapped in the first place, but…

What’s the point?

Last night a good friend at dinner reminded me of an important idea. It takes work to be happy. It takes a little effort to feel satisfied, content, and accomplished. Through some effort each day, you can put that question at bay.

If you can squash that question for just a moment, and go for the hike through the park (or whatever else that takes a little effort on your end), you may begin not to care about finding the point. You’ll just feel good, and that is better than feeling bad.

Make yourself rephrase it each time. What point can I make today?

Happy New Year, readers! I appreciate you all very much. Hope your 2020 is one in which you can make a lot of points.

Featured photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “What's the Point?

  1. One of my favorite quotes, from Don Jaun of Carlos Casteneda’s books: “You can spend your time making yourself miserable, or you can spend your time making yourself happy. It’s the same amount of effort.”


      1. Thanks for another inspirational post. I will be going back to weight watchers and to the YMCA on Mon., The 6th of Jan., 2020.


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