Pleepleus goes to Iceland

Good morning from Reykjavik, Iceland!

I arrived yesterday morning, and checked into the Downtown Reykjavik Apartments for a few nights. Within view of my fourth floor apartment was the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja. I hiked over for some pictures and then purchased a ticket to the top of the tower for some views of Iceland!

This worked up quite a thirst of course, so down the road from the Hallgrimskirja we found the Lebowski Bar. If you are a fan of The Big Lebowski, this would be a fun experience as there are many things you’ll find from the movie all over the establishment. There was also a fun sticker reminding people not to pee on the rug, man (see above my right shoulder).

Today, I am going on a tour of the Golden Circle which will take me away from the city for some views of the countryside. Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Scotland for the rest of my time and will fill you in next week of my adventures there! Stay tuned!

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