Opening Doors of Opportunity

At 42, I’m only now seeing the benefit of having opened many doors of opportunity in my life.

When the shit hits the fan with whatever I’m doing, so to speak, I can just go through one of those other doors.

While a professor of mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science, I have picked up several skills along the way. I know how to roast coffee and make an amazing cup of java using many different styles. I know how to brew beer. I’ve learned how to program. I have passed actuarial exams while at Truman and Washburn, and have taken classes while working at Washburn. I’ve gained valuable skills in problem solving.

Without going into any details, the shit has hit the fan at Washburn. The good that has come from this event, is that I’ve realized that I can point directly at that shit and call it out for what it is without fear of the repercussions. There is immense freedom in that.

While calling out all the shit that is happening, I can explore those other doors of opportunity. And if the shit isn’t cleaned up to my satisfaction, then I can decide to go through one of those doors pretty easily.

Open up as many doors as you can for yourself. If and when the time comes that you need a door to open, you will not regret the freedom that comes from having done so.

Featured Photo by matthaeus on Unsplash

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