I Might Blow Out a Knee

Although I have skied several times over the last decade, I have always been alone until last week.

We met some friends in Taos, NM to enjoy a week of hiking, New Mexican craft beer, and some fine dining around Taos. I also had to throw some jiu jitsu practice in at 7000 feet (quite a challenge). Of course, with snow on the mountain I’m not passing through Taos without hitting up the Taos Ski Valley.

This year I thought I may be going by myself once again. When my friend Rob showed a little interest, I couldn’t help but talk up the experience he could have. It worked. In the end, he decided to come along even though he would be one of the only people on the mountain skiing in blue jeans.

There are many bad things that could happen to someone when they go skiing. Letting the mind wander freely, it will concoct all kinds of horrendous and gory outcomes from the venture. Rob may have had a few of these preventing thoughts.

One can also just be conscious of the dangers, approach it with caution, and have another life experience. In this particular case it was a top ten experience for both of us. Worth the risks, in other words.

There are risks I take on each and every time I go to a Brazilian jiu jitsu class or competition. If any of these dangers come to fruition, I will pick up the broken pieces and learn whatever I can from the ordeal.

But I won’t regret living.

It helps to have those reminders and encouragements now and then.

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