I Am Nobody Special

The things I write about, post on Facebook, or talk to people the most about are all those things that make me look like I’ve got it together. The photos make it look like I’m having lots of fun and accomplishing so much in life. The blog posts I write usually entail many self improvement and growth hacks that I’ve tested.

Life isn’t all that. It is easy to feel like we’re not living life like we should be. All these posts we see are of people having more fun then we are having, or are succeeding at life more than we are. We need to kick ourselves in the face sometimes and remember that we aren’t seeing all the posts about the boring, mundane, and sometimes bad shit that is happening in people’s lives.

Let’s just look at my day today for example. It started pretty well, I got my usual wake up and morning routine in before walking to work. I had my calendar set for the day which included weight training and walking home at 4:30.

It got to be a mess today, and I fell way behind at work. Pretty soon, the weight training had to be thrown out. The alarm at 4:30 came and went. When I did finally get ready to walk home, I had to pack up the backpack with grading and work.

When I got home, the stack of grading that I brought with me was the stack I had already graded. I left the stack that needed graded at the office. The time I set aside for leisure had to be thrown out. My blog writing had to be pushed back an hour.

Needless to say, I didn’t own this day. Maybe not as apparent, I fail to truly own many days.

I tend to really like to write about the ones I do own, though. I just thought I’d let you know that I’m not all that. I’m not anyone special. We’re all in the same boat and suck it up just as much as the next person.

Remember this. You have just as much awesomeness and suck as the next person. When the suck hits, take a deep breath and own what you can of the rest of the day.

3 thoughts on “I Am Nobody Special

  1. Yeah, man. I feel the same way. I don’t write about the times I let email eat my morning or allow 2 hours of planned deep work turn into 30 minutes (or 0 minutes) of *actual* deep work. Or the times I use caffeine and sugar as a crutch to get through the afternoon. We’re all human. Good post.


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