The Best Mentor

Some of us believe that in order to be the best that we can be, we must be trained and mentored by the very best. But what does it mean for a mentor to be the best at what they do?

If this mentor or trainer never fails at anything, does this mean they are the very best? Perhaps it means they are not willing to put themselves into positions where failure may occur.

To me, it is necessary and admirable for mentors to come up short. It shows extreme courage and strength of will to place oneself in a position where failure is probable knowing the world (including your mentees) are watching.

My coach and mentor (on the right in the featured photo) showed the utmost bravery in accepting a difficult challenge, and put himself on stage in a position where failure was a possibility.

A tough match ensued, and Cody created a few offensive strikes and defended nicely. In the end, he got caught, and the match concluded with a loss. I could see and feel his disappointment.

Of the mentees that matter, Cody didn’t disappoint a single one. We are all as proud as can be, because we have the best coach and mentor we could possibly have!

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