Passion if and only if Travel

Happy Holidays!

While still in Canada and away from my computer, I’m forced to use my phone for today’s blog post. As a consequence, I’m going to make it short.

There are a few observations I’ve made before and while traveling.

  1. Our passions in life are what motivates us to travel.
  2. Our travels further stimulate our passions.

Erin and I use Duolingo a lot, and want to learn different languages. She studies French and knew a trip to Québec was much more affordable than Paris. What a cool way to practice and see a new city.

Our passion of language learning motivated us to book this trip! If you have a passion, then travel!

Once booked, planning what to do comes after. It is then we use our other passions in life as a guide.

  • Where are the breweries?
  • Where are the best places to eat?
  • Where can Erin get a run in?
  • Where can Jason train BJJ?
  • Is there hiking?
  • Is there skiing?
  • What can we learn here?

The weeklong trip becomes booked fast when you let your passions operate. Of course, it is good to experience novelty as well, because you never know what passion may be lurking deep in your soul.

If you are traveling, find and fuel your passions!

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