Everything Will Be Revealed

One of my favorite sayings and one of my wife’s least favorite sayings in our lives is “everything will be revealed.”

This highlights one of our key differences that makes our relationship work so well.

On my side of the coin there are those that don’t ask enough questions.  We prepare ourselves as best we can as we forge into the unknown, because we know when we get there everything will be revealed.  If we happen to lack something that we could have easily packed if we had asked the right questions, we quickly adopt our next favorite motto: “Learn to do without.”

To us it is almost worth not asking the questions in the first place.

On the other side of that coin there are those that ask a lot of questions. They don’t want any surprises. Even when the course you are taking will not change upon knowing the answer these type of people ask anyway. They just need to know.

There is a really happy middle ground that we pull each other into. I could definitely benefit from asking a few more questions and communicating my intentions. She could probably benefit from living on the edge a little, and not having all of her questions answered.

It is one of the many reasons our relationship works so well. We are the ying and yang for each other when I believe everything will be revealed. 

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