Faster Reading

Whenever you read, do you find it hard to focus on what you are reading? Does the mind wander after a few sentences? Sometimes I find myself about to turn the page of a book only to realize I stopped paying attention a few sentences in on the previous page!

It is because we are not reading fast enough.

After listening to a simple tip given on a podcast, I’ve been able to add a significant efficiency within my reading. I’m reading faster and retaining more by using the simple trick of point to point reading.

In every speed reading instructional that I’ve come across, using your finger(s) to glide under the words is universal. Without something to direct your focus, it is difficult to speed things up.

Using a finger or a pointer if I’m on a smart device, I don’t slide it across the text. Depending on the width of the text, I pick 2-3 points along the line that I will point to and then focus on. Each time you point, your eyes and mind can digest the 3-6 words to the left and right of your finger almost immediately.

Since trying this, I have noticed faster reading with more retention! My night time reading used to entail a page or two before getting really sleepy. Now, I have to make myself stop at a specific stopping point as my mind is more engaged and awake with this type of reading.

For a little more information and direction, watch this 9 minute video created by Tim Ferriss, which was who I got the tip from in a recent podcast.  These 9 minutes may end up saving hundreds or thousands of minutes depending on how voracious a reader you are.

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