Stepping Away from Your Comfort Zone

Leaving one’s comfort zone can be, well, uncomfortable.  Humans have a basic necessity of feeling competent at what they do in order to be content (Junger, Tribe).  Stemming from this need is a fear that taking on something new and different will lead to feeling incompetent.

This is The Resistance (Pressfield, The War of Art), and the more that you fight and overcome The Resistance, the easier it becomes.

The goal should be to step away from your comfort zone enough that the concept morphs into an oxymoron.

Do you know of a place outside my comfort zone?  There are plenty of such places, but as an insatiable experimenter and neophile, I continually pursue the eradication of these places.

I’m not convinced that I have found all of my potential passions in life. This is why I believe one should fight the resistance as much as one can, and get outside your comfort zone.

It was fighting this resistance that led me to learn Norwegian, begin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and to plan a trip with Erin to Norway which includes a 10 mile hike to one of the most beautiful places on earth.  At the time of this post, we should be on our way from Stavenger back to Bergen for another three nights. I hope to share some pictures and details of our trip next week.

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