An Insight and An Equation

Over my Spring Break, there were a few moments where I felt enlightened. Both came during a physical activity during which I was listening to a podcast.

The first insight, I could not remember the reference.  It goes something like this:

Your task at hand isn’t the task at hand. It is what is keeping you from addressing and completing the task at hand.

The Task at Hand

Let’s take losing weight as an example.  Many people desire greatly to lose weight.  However, that is not these individual’s task at hand.  Losing weight is straight forward: exercise more and stick to a diet plan.

The task at hand is getting your entire being into a place in which those two things are part of your daily routine.  This is a monumental task for many.  It can include (but is certainly not limited to) the following:

  • Accepting the fact that you need to change your habits and mindset.
  • Taking steps to change your habits and mindset.
  • Making changes in your lifestyle that promote your newly developing better habits and mindset.
  • Manipulating your newly formed habits into something sustainable.

This game never ends. Even for those that already have the great habits and mindset. The clock goes off.  It is time for your run.

The task at hand is not going for a run.  It is convincing your body to put the workout clothes on, followed by the running shoes. Now you need to convince your body to get outside.

Only now is the task at hand going for a run.

This process never goes away, but it does get easier with practice.

The Equation

The following equation is not mathematical! So, you don’t need any mathematical ability to understand it.  In fact, if you are mathematically inclined in any way, you may scoff at the following equation and think, “That isn’t an equation!”

This comes from Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of AirBnB.  It is a fantastic podcast that I recommend, as Joe tells some great stories.  One of my favorites is of a prank he pulled in high school involving playing some Pink Floyd over the PA system.

One of the things he mentioned was the following equation:

(SW)^2 + WC = MO.

He frames it in terms of entrepreneurs, but it can apply in so many other areas of life.  The equation is interpreted as follows. When you have an idea, in terms of who will embrace and love your idea…

 Some Will, Some Won’t…  Who Cares?      Move On.

I’m not much of an entrepreneur, but I loved this equation.  I immediately thought of how it applied to simply living your life. Living life in a way of belonging and not being accepted. Live your life the way you want.

Some will accept the way you are, some won’t.  Who cares about how that split happens?  Move on, and be the person that you want to be.

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