A Unique University Experience

Have you ever heard of professors taking classes with students?

This semester, I’m teaching Stochastic Processes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am.  However, at 10am on those same days, I’m taking an Investments course through the School of Business.  Four of the students in my Stochastic Processes class are in the Investments course.  A few of us walk from one class (that I’m taking with them) to the other class (that I’m teaching to them).

This provides quite a unique university experience.

From the Professor’s Perspective

My students are watching me.  I better be the model student that I want them to be.  Hmmm.  No skipping class I guess.  Unless that is what I will find OK if they decide to skip mine.

What if I don’t do so well? I better study and work hard enough to ensure I do well. That’s what I want out of my students, so that is what I better do.

Wow… that’s how other professors use that statistical notation?!?  I need to work that into my stat lectures from now on, and warn them of the relaxed notation they’ll encounter as they move from course to course.

Excel does THAT!!  I thought I was a master of Excel by now.  Nope.

Perspective from a Student

I think I know that answer to that basic statistical or mathematical question, but my statistics professor is taking the course with me and sitting right over there.  It would be embarrassing if I got it wrong.  I better not answer.

It is really cool how what I learned in statistics (from that guy over there) is being applied to this Investments course.

Why in the hell is he taking this class? He’s got to be bored out of his mind.  There goes the curve!

Wonder if he’ll work with me on my homework assignment?  Never mind, I don’t need it.  It was easy.  Maybe that has to do with the fact that I took stats from him? Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “A Unique University Experience

  1. Great perspective–it’s clear that there are pros and cons from both points of view. I’m working on a similar post at the moment (as I’m taking classes with advisees this semester), and your post has me thinking about some new angles (like your presence causing a student to hesitate when answering a question they might get wrong).

    One of the courses I’m taking right now is Basic Statistics, and I feel obliged to point out that without an experimental design, we can’t assume causation between your student having had statistics with you and finding their investments homework easy. 🙂


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