Treat Yo’ Self!

Erin has slowly got me hooked on podcasts, and recently, I’ve been listening to The Tim Ferriss Show, Let’s Know Things, TED Radio Hour, and Freakonomics Radio.  All of these are great.

On Tim’s show, he recommended some Me Undies to me and gave me a website that I could visit and receive 20% off.  I checked it out because I’m in the market for some really awesome undies.

After browsing for a while, I found out that to receive the 20% off, you could not order a pack, but an individual item (they sell what looks like some really cool t-shirts that I want, too).

I also found out that I could subscribe to a monthly pair of undies and get an additional 15% off.  I’ll admit, these undies are expensive at a regular price of $20 per pair.  However, once they are marked down to $13.60, and there is free shipping, I thought I’d give them a try.

It is free shipping, but they use DHL so be prepared to wait a week.

Holy shit.  These undies were worth it!  Tim wasn’t joking when he raved about them on his podcast.

So, if you use this Me Undies Link to browse and make an order, you can save 20% (and perhaps and additional 15% for the subscription) on a pair of undies.  But there is a catch.

When you treat yo’ self to some of these awesome undies by using this link, Me Undies will give me a $20 gift card.  So, by completely altruistic means (getting yourself some amazing underpants), you can get me a Christmas gift.

Regardless of whether you use the link above and buy yourself some undies, have some Happy Holidays!

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