PAC it Northwest: Part II

Front Street in Leavenworth, WA

Day 7: Leavenworth

Jessica, Erin, and I had breakfast at the Mason Jar in Cheney before heading out. We had a tentative “drive by hugging” planned on our drive home, but (spoiler alert) we had left our shaker and a few other things at their house when we left, so the tentative became a solid plan. 
Driving from eastern to western Washington is a tease. Especially if you travel along State Highway 2 through Wenatchee National Forest (and most likely 20 through North Cascades National Park, although I haven’t gone that route yet). I could spend several months in the parks that run on the east side of Interstate 5. Especially if one were to hike the Pacific Coast Trail as Cheryl Strayed did.  
Leavenworth is right in the heart of this beauty, and we found Icicle Brewing Company in this quaint little town. Leavenworth is a great destination city that has something for almost everyone. 
Our destination that evening was the Smolden’s house in Everett. Jeremy went to school with Erin in Alaska and they have stayed very good friends. Jeremy and Sarah have three amazing children, Jayden, Lucy, and Kate.  When I asked Jayden how old he was he responded with “seven and ten twelfths.” Sarah told him that could be reduced, and after a moment of thought, he corrected himself by answering “seven and five sixths.”  
Lucy had fun with my watch. I was supposed to find it in a game of hide the watch and seek it out. It may have been more fun on her end than mine. 
Kate is two and one of the most adorable children I have ever encountered. She is very affectionate and can melt your heart. For example, as we were preparing to leave the next day, I came back from loading something in the car and I opened the door to Kate standing there. She looked up at me and said, “I’m giving you hug goodbye.”  We were foolish and didn’t get any pictures, so here is one of her and me in January of 2016. 
Try and add a year and a half of cuteness.

Day 8: Deception Pass State Park

We met Tiffany (Erin’s good friend and bridesmaid who lives in Everett) at the Rusty Pelican Cafe for breakfast and met her little girl, Aria, for the first time. Since Erin and I are the best role models, we ordered bloody Marys to show Aria what was up. 

Since there was some time to kill before we were to hike at Deception Pass, we drove up to Bellingham for some lunch and beers at Aslan Brewing Company. The Simcoe Slice was delicious enough that I had two, an anomaly for me.

We met Bob Keough at Deception Pass State Park for a 5 mile hike. He made sure to get a long run in that morning.

The bridge connecting Fidalgo Island with Whidbey Island in Deception Pass State Park
Jason, Erin, and Bob 
View from Lighthouse Point
Deception Island

During our hike in Deception Pass State Park, we spotted what we thought were dolphins (we definitely identified fins). The weather could not have been more perfect for this hike. 
Bob suggested the Union Tavern in Anacortes for a bite to eat, so we followed him there. I kept pronouncing Anacortes as the proper name “Anna Cortez” instead of the correct way (anna-CORE-tis).

Leave yourself time enough to hike all 5 miles. Park in the “Upper” parking lot and do each of the three loops. We saved the Maiden of Deception Pass for last (but the order doesn’t matter).  There were some great sites, but the phone died after the first two loops. 

Breakfast at Joe’s with a view of Mt. Rainier

Day 8: Seattle

Joe Pietraszewski (petra-chef-ski) had a delicious breakfast for us on the morning of our 8th day. We graduated from Ottumwa High back in 1995 together. We try and connect with him more often than our class reunions now. 
From his flat, he took us for a walk along Lake Washington in Colman and Mt. Baker Parks. 
One of Joe’s new year’s resolutions was to not drink any alcohol for the entire year. He has been very diligent in sticking with his resolution, and the results are noticeable. Hanging out with us, however, posed quite the challenge. He took us to several beer places that we wanted to visit, yet still was able to stay true to his goal. It was quite the impressive feat.  

Prior to lunch, we drove over to the West Seattle area where there were pretty views of Elliot Bay, the Seattle Skyline, and a few fighting seals in the water.

One of our postcard views of Seattle while walking along Harbor Ave. SW
Beer Junction was a place all beer nerds should visit while in Seattle. It allows you to bring food in since they only sell beer. We stopped at the Mercantile Market for some fine foods to take over to Beer Junction so that we could enjoy amazing beers in front of Joe. Strong willed, our tempting libations didn’t seem to phase him. 
Some fine salami and chocolate (?) while Joe drinks his water. 
Post lunch beers were enjoyed at Seapine Brewing Company and Two Beers Brewing Co & Seattle Cider Company (located in same venue). 
Erin and I very much enjoy having so many connections in Washington. It is bittersweet, however, because it is too difficult to squeeze everyone in. We do make an effort, however, and I hear that counts for something. 
View from top deck at Joe’s. Left to right: Mt. Baker (requires zoom in), Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Mt. Rainier

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