Our First Tiny Home Experience

Erin and I have just stayed the night at the WeeCasa in Lyons, CO. Their claim is that they are Colorado’s first Tiny Home Hotel.

Ever since we minimized and simplified our lives, Erin has been very fascinated by the Tiny Home movement. As much as I admire the idea, I have to be honest with myself in that it would be very difficult to get to this level of tiny. I had to crawl over Erin – and squash her a little in the process – to get out of bed this morning.

There was no room I could escape to in order to write. The kettle was put on 10 feet below her head.  The table I’m writing on was folded down from the wall. It behaves as extra counter space as well. You cannot be overweight and navigate around this table to different parts of the room, as the passage is very narrow.  I have already bumped into it a few times.

In order for us to live here, we would have to get rid of everything we own, and by everything, I mean about 95% of our stuff, which would essentially be everything. None of our furniture would fit in this place. We would have to be very selective in the number of dishes we could keep. There are four drawers for clothes, so most of our clothes would have to go.

You know that hobby I have of home brewing? Nope. That wouldn’t happen here. The bike would have to be locked up and stored outside somewhere.

All of that being said, this place is really cool, and fits our lives in many ways. Even though I woke up with a purpose of writing, there weren’t many other options. It is great for focused work. After some focused work, I will want to get outside. That will require a plan. Will I want to go for a run, or maybe just a quick walk to Lyons for some coffee?  I could go for a hike, or run up to the library in town.

We are only one night here, so as soon as Erin gets up and around, we will take a small drive to some scenic views and get in a hike starting at the Button Rock Trail head. During the hike, we can talk more about tiny home living and what it would take. I know there are designs that we could make work.

This evening, we should be taking in a sunset in Taos, NM if things go to plan.

2 thoughts on “Our First Tiny Home Experience

  1. Sweet lodging choice! I'm interested in the tiny house movement as well, but like you, I have hobbies that would make tiny house living a challenge. I think purging that much stuff would be fun, though. Tiny home living also seems impossible with kids, but my friends Teri and Brian manage it okay in a large tiny house: http://homestead-honey.com/

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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