When a Bloody is a Prior.

A Delicious Homemade Bloody Mary with Homebrewed Coffee IPA as a Chaser

A close second to a delicious craft beer is a spicy Bloody Mary with all kinds of pickled items and a slice of bacon for garnish. I have found an amazing recipe for one made from scratch called the Elixir Bloody Mary. The link will not only give the recipe, but it also includes a short video on how to effectively make one.

I’ve taken the liberty to also add other items to it along with the pickle and bacon garnish. The celery stalk, olives, and a pepperoncini are all my additions. Also, instead of Tabasco, I use whatever hot sauce I have on hand, which is usually far superior to Tabasco and almost always hotter. This results in a top shelf, spicy-ass, Bloody Mary.
This isn’t a post about Bloody Marys, however.  It is actually about an intention to go running or biking (or engage in some other physical activity) later in the day. 
Are you going to pass up one of these bad boys because of that? Or, alternatively, will you not pass one up, but then use it as an excuse to not go for that run or bike ride later?  
I was on a run around Washburn’s campus one evening when I remembered I had a Bloody Mary that morning. It is different, but nowhere near impossible. Not too long ago, a few friends of mine joined me in drinking 12 oz. of Founders Breakfast Stout before a 4 mile run. We all finished just fine. In fact, I don’t think any of us would have done better or worse had we not partaken in this consumption. 
The point isn’t to drink before working out. Indeed, it generally is not a good idea.  The thing I want us to think about is why some of us choose to make it an excuse, or let it into our head that we simply CAN’T do whatever we set out to do because of something that really doesn’t have to be an excuse.
I’m not sure about the science behind it, so I probably shouldn’t be even suggesting this. But, which of the following seems like the healthier option?
  1. Having a Bloody Mary in the morning, and then vegging out all day.
  2. Having a Bloody Mary in the morning, and then having a low heart rate 30 minute jog later that day.
Yes, obviously there is a more comfortable 3rd option… 
3. Having a low heart rate 30 minute jog in the morning followed by a Bloody Mary. 
Or, an even better and healthier 4th option…
4. Having a low heart rate 30 minute jog in the morning and skipping the Bloody Mary.  
The 4th option is too boring, and the 3rd option is always what we shoot for, but sometimes life gets in the way and we’re faced with a given situation. That given (which is sometimes referred to as a prior), is that we’ve already had a Bloody Mary.  
Now your options are 1 and 2.  It is that simple.  If you’re trying to be healthy, you know which option you should choose. 

2 thoughts on “When a Bloody is a Prior.

  1. This is a great example of not letting the past dictate the future more than necessary. Each day, each hour, and each minute, we get to make new decisions about how we're going to spend our time. It's worth using rational thought to make these decisions as much as possible, and a drink does not preclude one from exercising! Otherwise, how would RAGBRAI exist?


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