Time Spent Watching TV

I’m not watching TV right here, but it is on inside.

We are awake approximately 960 minutes per day. With 366 days during the leap year of 2016, I was awake for very close to 351,360 minutes (350,400 minutes during non-leap years, just FYI). 

This is also approximately how long you were awake during 2016. So, how did you use your time? 
In 2016, I kept track of the amount of TV/Movies I watched. I added 500 minutes as an adjustment for all those times when I was sitting in a restaurant or sports bar and there was a TV on the wall, or I was at another person’s home and their TV was on.  These times I did not log. My total time: 15498 minutes. 
That is 4.41% of my time, or about 42 minutes and 20 seconds of TV/Movie watching per day, on average. Counting days in terms of awake time (960 minutes rather than all 1440 minutes of a 24 hour day), I watched TV for 16 total days of my life in 2016.  
Many of you know that I don’t watch very much TV. Erin and I don’t have cable. We’ve canceled Netflix. Still, I’ve managed to be in front of the tube 42 minutes each day.  
When I think of what I could have accomplished during those 16 days, I get a little nauseous. What if I practiced playing the guitar for those 42 minutes each day?  What if I practiced learning Finnish?  
I could probably play guitar somewhat decently by now, or perhaps speak, write, and read fluent Finnish.  
It is a little unreasonable to think I can utilize all of that time. We all need some of our time to be entertaining, and there were several shows and programs that I thought were very worth my time. On the same token, there are many more programs that I would have been perfectly fine having not watched. 
If interested, here was my list for 2016. I’ve italicized all those that I believed worth my time in terms of the quality of the movie, the company I was in, the educational aspect, or the pure entertainment value.  
Movies/TV Time
Mozart in the Jungle S1 & S2 480
Everest 121
Bridge of Spies 142
Spectre 148
Sicario (2 viewings) 242
Suffragette 106
Creed 133
The Guard 96
Vikings S3 450
Mad Max: Fury Road 120
The Big Short 130
Spotlight 128
The Revenant 156
The Martian 144
The Americans S1 612
Fortitude S1 528
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 138
House of Cards S4 635
Deadpool 108
Van Wilder 92
Sherlock Holmes: The Abominable Bride 44
Californication S1 348
Game 7 NBA Finals 140
The League S6 288
Bosch S1 & S2 1020
Walking Dead S5 672
Palio 91
Magic Mike XXL 115
Fargo S2 530
Whisky Tango Foxtrot 112
Hail, Caesar! 106
Better Call Saul S1 460
Daredevil S2 700
The Fundamentals of Caring 97
Tallulah 111
Ip Man 106
Beasts of No Nation 137
River S1 360
The Hateful Eight 187
Dope 103
Vikings S4 450
The Last Man on the Moon 95
Cartel Land 100
Brooklyn 117
Sons of Anarchy S7 Ep1-Ep6  345
Luther S4 174
Mr. Robot S1 460
Game of Thrones S5 560
The Nice Guys 116
Eye In the Sky 102
Anomalisa 90
Triple 9 115
Knight of Cups 118
Midnight Special 112
The Lobster 119
Star Trek Beyond (2 Viewings) 244
The Man Who Knew Infinity 108
The Kettering Incident S1 e1 50
Sausage Party 89
Central Intelligence 107
The Intern 121
Supermensch 85
Pricele$$ 58
Hell or High Water 102
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 134
Citizen Koch 90
Pay 2 Play 87
The Jungle Book 106
Zootopia 108
~ Adjustment for TV in other places 500
Total Time Watching TV/Movies 2016 15498

5 thoughts on “Time Spent Watching TV

  1. I used Evernote to collect the raw data, then used Excel for the analysis.

    To be more efficient in 2017, I will log the movie or TV program with the time length (using IMDB) right away. Then, every few months or so, update the spreadsheet.


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