Giving at Work

Givers, matchers, and takers make up this world. Which are you?

Adam Grant, in his 2014 book, “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success“, describes these three types of people. It has been a fantastic read so far, and I have already begun looking for more ways that I can be a giver in my life. 
Washburn University has Employee Wellness Program Incentives separated into three Tiers.  At Truman, I was able to enjoy the rec center at no cost. It was free for faculty. Although it can still be free at Washburn, it isn’t until you go through a 3 Tiered process.  
The first of these Tiers is simply to schedule a health screening and have blood drawn.  The next two are a little more activity based and require you to complete 6 different activities.  For example, in this Tier 2 Wellness Action Sheet, you can check off the third box by nominating someone for the Living Well at Washburn Award.

Who do I know that lives well at Washburn? My mentor and friend, John! That’s who!

  • He has lost around 25 pounds this year by sticking with a Whole 30 diet. 
  • He and his wife Melanie, while visiting Taos, NM this summer, hiked along the Rio Grande Gorge. John, by himself, hiked Mt. Wheeler a couple times. 
  • For 2016, he is getting close to biking 2016 miles.  Whether he makes this goal or not, he has definitely biked over 1500 miles, and that is a pretty awesome year of biking. 
  • John and Melanie cook amazing meals in their spectacular kitchen. Erin and I were fortunate enough to have dinner at their place with them one Friday evening. 
What an easy way to give at work. There are awards galore at Universities and the workplace. I’ll admit, that up until reading about givers and takers and how that relates to me, I have always looked through awards for the ones that I could win, and wondered what I would have to do to get one. This is a “taker” type of mindset, and I’m glad I never acted on this self-serving behavior. 
When those emails come to my inbox informing me of awards on campus and asking for nominations, I will now give them pause. What an easy way to be a giver in the workplace, by thinking of someone who you believe deserves it, and taking a few moments to write up a nomination!  

2 thoughts on “Giving at Work

  1. This is a great way to apply the lessons from Give and Take. I have to admit, I've never nominated anyone for an award at my university, which is silly: there are so many deserving people and nominating someone takes about 2 minutes. I do believe I'll correct this next week!


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