A Few Scary Things about Bernie Sanders

In the wake of the Iowa Primaries tomorrow and the race to find a Republican and Democratic candidate, I need to share a few feelings.

I am a little scared.

There are a few frightening things about Bernie Sanders, and I need to face these.

We, as a nation, are so used to the government and political system now in place.  The wealthy and elite use their money to put things in ads and on the news, and shape our way of thinking.  At the risk of sounding a little nutty, I do not trust the liberal media anymore.  The New York Times disgusts me.  It creates shepherds and puppets on the left just as Fox News does on the right. Today is no exception as it endorsed Hillary Clinton.

We’ll eventually elect a president.  The story usually proceeds as follows: half of us will bitch for 4-8 years while 75-90% of us bitch the whole time about a do-nothing Congress.

This is what we’re used to.  This is what we’re comfortable with.

The thought of changing this system is scary.  The liberal media doesn’t want to change.  And to combat this, it has inserted many questions into the minds of the shepherds on the left.  Questions that, upon given a little thought, have answers.

It is scary that our voices may soon be just as loud as the voices of the millionaires and billionaires.  It is scary that we may have to do some thinking on our own, come up with our own opinions on the issues, and own up to our own deficiencies, instead of pointing the finger at those that have put the ideas in our head in the first place.

As Robert Reich elegantly put it (from the point of view of a democrat):

Hillary Clinton is clearly the most qualified candidate to become president of the political system we now have. Bernie Sanders is clearly the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have. 

If we look at the endorsement primary this becomes too true. Using 1 point, 5 points, and 10 points for endorsements from representatives, senators, and governors, respectively, Hillary Clinton has 463 endorsement points to Bernie’s 2.

This, in itself, makes many of the shepherds and puppets on the left believe Bernie is unelectable.  Let’s do the math.  It means 148 representatives, 39 senators, and 12 governors have endorsed Hillary. The last I checked, they only get to cast one vote.  That is 199 votes from the political elite.  If you want the political elite to do your thinking for you, that is up to you.  It is scary, and takes courage to have a voice against the political elite sometimes.

TOGETHER from HUMAN on Vimeo.

Many regurgitate the question about how he’s going to pay for all this, again, inserted into their minds by their trusted liberal media.

This is an oversimplification, but it will help understand the gist of how we are going to pay for ‘all this stuff.’  Have you ever moved?  Switching presidencies is kind of like this.  When you move, you have to shut off all the utilities at the place from which you are moving and turn on the utilities at the place to which you are moving.  Asking how we’re going to pay for all of this, is like moving from one place to the next and, for some reason, getting confused as to how you’re going to pay for all these ‘utilities’.

Some may be cheaper, some may be more expensive.  But we’ve been “paying for stuff” this whole time.

Can you handle the truth?  It is scary isn’t it?

from Project Bernie ’16 @ProjectBernie16

It will take courage to vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016. This will not be for the weak of heart.

However, if you’re too chicken shit, I’ll try and understand.  

5 thoughts on “A Few Scary Things about Bernie Sanders

  1. We live in exciting times! I think one of the issues “outsider” candidates face is that in the end, big changes are scary. Most of us reading this blog have pretty comfortable lives, lives with a lot of certainty, and I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about political change (even in a direction I'm comfortable with). I don't submit that this makes a lot of sense, only that it is the case. 🙂


  2. Not me.
    For me it's the same for the Paul camp.
    Paul is the most qualified candidate for the form of government I want.
    For people like me that believe in freedom for everyone and are fiscally conservative.
    Paul faces the same obstacles as Sanders when it comes to establishment media.


  3. Am I right in assuming that you pretty much support them equally on the issues? Remember this, Clinton has evolved into her stance on those issues, maintaining easy decisions in the past. Bernie has ALWAYS had his stance on those issues, and has made the difficult and unpopular decisions in the past, but has stood his ground.

    What kind of president do you want when it comes to that trait?


  4. Hmm, good question. While I admire consistency of belief in my own friend circle, maybe I don't prize that quality as highly in a political candidate. I'm not sure I mind a little opportunism in politicians.

    And I certainly wouldn't say that I support Hillary over Bernie. I don't feel that strongly one way or the other, and there are things I like and dislike about them both. Regarding Hillary, I'm drawn to her experience at the highest levels of government. She represents, to me, someone who knows how to operate at this level. She feels like a safe choice.

    I don't know. As you can tell, I've been putting off serious thought and research about current politics. Probably time to correct that.


  5. You are drawn to her experiences at the highest levels of government. These experiences are with people with a lot of money and/or the political elite. These experiences are with a political system with which I am not satisfied. I would like to have a political system that actually represents us. (See represent.us for a few videos on what our current system does for us).

    You don't feel strongly one way or the other right now. I am more excited for a candidate than I ever have been. I'm excited for Bernie because of what he stands for. I'm excited because it is the first time I can actually remain positive and get really pumped for someone. During the last several elections, I felt I was voting for someone because the others were horrible. Although that may be the case now, it isn't at all what I'm focused on.

    If Hillary is to win the Democratic election, my focus will probably start to waver to how bad the other candidates are… because that is the only way I'll be able to rationalize voting for her.

    Good luck on your quest to find excitement in a candidate like I have.

    I encourage you to read the last chapter of the Untold History of the United States. It is about the Obama presidency, but it will give you a glimpse of what we can look forward to in a Clinton presidency, why I'm not excited about that, and why I am excited about a Sanders presidency.


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