Taos: Day 1

On Friday afternoon, after giving an exam to my Linear Regression class from 1:30-2:20pm, my Spring Break began.  Erin and I planned on traveling to Taos, New Mexico to vacation for a week in her parents’ new house at which they will spend their retirement.  We packed the car and drove to Lawrence, KS (where her parents are currently living) to pick up instructions and the key.

We awoke around 5am on Saturday morning and were driving by 5:30am.  Trish & Joseph (Erin’s folks) sent us with coffee, a small load of their own, and a key to their new place.  
The drive went fine until we go to La Junta, CO.  A little outside La Junta, the rain turned into snow and the drive became slow and tedious.  Once, Erin came upon a plow that had stopped to help someone that had slid off the road.  When she passed, she found herself plowing the road with our Subaru Outback.  Although slow going, especially over La Vida pass, we finally arrived a few hours behind schedule.
After unpacking and admiring their new home (and our vacation home for the week), we drove back north to the Taos Mesa Brewing Company.  Erin had a sampler of their beers (Superstitious stout, Kolsch 45, Lunch Pale Ale, Hopper IPA) and the Green Chili Cheeseburger while I had a pint of the Hopper and the Green Chili Black Bean Burger.  I suggested we get a growler of Hopper to take back to the house and watch the rest of Game of Thrones season 2.  We only had 2 episodes left.  
After the first pint and just one episode I felt pretty miserable.  Although I very rarely get sick, I had started feeling a sore throat and congestion before leaving for Taos.  It was really catching up with me.  The altitude (6000 feet higher than Kirksville) and the climate (very dry) difference probably wasn’t helping much either.  I powered through the last episode without a beer and then went to bed.  Although it wasn’t the best of night’s sleeps, I felt pretty good Saturday morning.  For a small period of time Saturday we had to move our clocks back an hour since we changed time zones.  But then Sunday we could move them back forward again with daylight savings.  
On Sunday morning, I got up and got comfortable in the house.  I made some coffee, continued to drink plenty of water (dealing with altitude), and read and relaxed most the morning until Erin got up.  We drove down to the Taos Plaza and walked the remaining distance to Dragonfly Cafe for more coffee and brunch.  I ordered a Green Chili Stew with eggs over medium floating on top.  Erin ordered a veggie omelet that had several different vegetables inside topped with a pesto sauce.  We shared a lot of our breakfasts with each other because they were so good.  
Just outside Dragonfly Cafe

We walked back to the Plaza after brunch and stopped by Seconds Eco Store, one of Erin’s favorite shops in Taos, and picked up a few items there.  We went back home afterwards for reading and naps.

While doing a little leisure reading and looking up a few things on the internet, I heard a stream of water hit the ground very close to where I was sitting at the dining room table.  That was when I looked up to notice a leak in the roof.  I hurriedly put a trash can under the stream and had Erin call her folks.  I found a ladder and a snow shovel, so I got up on the roof and shoveled off the snow.  Using Erin’s IPad, I took pictures of the place on the roof at which I felt was the source of the leak.  Erin’s folks were thankful enough for our service they said to open another bottle of their wine on them.  I was just glad we were here!

Down from the roof, Erin was hungry for a snack.  We went to Eske’s Brew Pub for a Green Chili Beer and some chips, salsa, and guacamole.  There may have also been a small tasting of their Millennium IPA.  While still at Eske’s, I made a phone call to the Video Casa to see if they had the first disk to season 1 of Homeland.  They did, so we went to rent it.  (The disk we got from Netflix was faulty).

Down the street from the house was Albertson’s where we picked up some groceries for the week.  I found a few extras to add to the cart, one of which was a 6-pack of New Mexico Brewing Company’s Black IPA.

We dropped off the groceries off at the house and then went to the Taos Ale House.  Erin ordered a S.W. Pale Ale and I had a Porter.  We found a cribbage board and a deck of cards so we played a few rounds of cribbage while we enjoyed our beverages.  We had to get some Happy Camper IPA for the second game.

It began to get dark and close to dinner time, so we closed our tab and headed to Taos Pizza Out Back.  It was a long wait, but it was worth it.  The pizza was very good.  I ordered a slice of the Southwest and Erin ordered a slice of The Taos.  And yes, one slice was enough of a meal.  Of course, we couldn’t have that slice of pizza without having a pint of Monks’ Ale and Torpedo!

Back at the house, we enjoyed a nice relaxing evening watching the first couple episodes of Homeland.  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has to offer.  

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