Holiday Meal 2012

Erin started a tradition in December of 2010 of having an annual Holiday Meal for our close friends.  We recently had our third annual holiday meal.  Although we have more than 8 friends, that is the uppermost limit of friends we can invite because of table space, and the difficulty of cooking for ten people.

During the day of the Holiday Meal, leading up to the 5:30pm start time, Erin and I usually listen to hip-hop and dance music while I’m cleaning and straightening up and she’s doing all of the prep work for the meal.  During this time the song “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas hit our Pandora station.  Every time we hear it, we are reminded of the scene on this link to the “Other Guys.”

Of course that is when I piped up and told Erin, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we did a scene like that for the Holiday Meal?”  Knowing us, we usually follow up on anything I say that starts with “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”

The result can be viewed below.  The dinner table scene is the only one we were going to do.  After it was shot, I put it together with the music and we all watched it together.  Then, it was unanimous that we take more shots.  Now, we have a funny and memorable video of our Holiday Meal 2012.  Enjoy!

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