Obama’s Documentary/Campaign Film

I watched the new 17 minute documentary by Davis Guggenheim, “The Road We’ve Traveled.”  Narrated by Tom Hanks, I think it was very well made and I decided to share it.

It explores the president’s most important decisions. Other than a few distorted facts that I mention below, it stays pretty straight with the facts. These facts won’t win conservatives over, I’m sure, but it will hopefully energize a somewhat lackluster liberal constituency. Listening to Romney and Santorum talk energized me enough to vote against them. For me, Romney and Santorum themselves are Obama’s campaign.

Beware of the claim that “17 million kids can no longer be denied for a preexisting condition” which is a cherry picking of the facts according to Politfact.com. The same website also informs us that although GM and Chrysler has paid off their loans, it wasn’t mentioned that loans to the old car companies have essentially been written off.

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